ABOUT The Project

FavourEconomy is a collection of audio recordings shared by womxn* who work in the arts. The project operates as a platform for contributors to voice their experience, insights and skills and share it to the archive. The archive comprises of a series of volumes that develop over a one-year period coinciding with each financial year.

*Terms womxn and femxle are used to enable identity to move beyond being defined in relation to a male norm and is inclusive of transgender and non binary identities.

The recordings shared to FavourEconomy are termed ‘favours’ because they have been produced with the intention of being of value for other womxn* working in the arts to hear. The word ‘favour’ encapsulating a social gesture of sharing something without defining exactly what that something might be. FavourEconomy operates as an audio gift economy, where each contributor has determined the content and value of their recording set in accordance with their own experience and is received by the listener according to their current situation and need. The online open platform concurrently acts to give power and value to the femxle* voice, which is too often silenced

FavourEconomy is investigating at a time when we have the greatest numbers of womxn* working in the arts, yet there still is not commensurate representation in leadership positions, exhibitions, publications and collections. For so many womxn* the path to ‘success’ in the arts is hazardous, with a multiplicity of journeys simultaneously being navigated. Subsequently the femxle* perspective can vanish from public discourse before being heard. For these reasons FavourEconomy is intentionally non-selective and embraces all audio favours shared by womxn* beyond only those “at the top” of their arts profession.

FavourEconomy aims to highlight the breadth as well as the commonalities of the femxle* experience of working in the arts. The project is inclusive of audio favours shared by those at various stages of their career and who occupy a variety of creative and professional arts roles. This is because the boundaries of contemporary art forms and careers can often be fused, blurred or multifaceted. Furthermore, femxle* arts practitioners frequently express themselves in multiple roles and creative disciplines.  

While there are many systemic issues to be addressed there is one specific area that can be combated by the FavourEconomy. We aim to actively support a culture where womxn* help each other in order to strengthen the femxle* presence, power and voice in the arts. We posit that our efforts, insights and experience can benefit other womxn* and that the more that we support and share with one another, the easier it will be for womxn* to impact the circuit of contemporary art production and dissemination.

Currently FavourEconomy is accessible online to a digital public and for exhibition as a compendium of sound, installation and text based artwork. Moving forward FavourEconomy aims to further explore how the project operates to record alternative histories;  interrogates the notion of gatekeepers, prizes and exclusive exhibitions; provides a platform for intersectional perspectives; challenges notions of success; empowers the femxle* voice and strengthens relationships.

FavourEconomy Volume 5. 2019 -2020 has now commenced generating audio favours coinciding with the current financial year. If you are a womxn* working in the arts and would like to share an audio favour recording for the benefit of other womxn* working in the arts, get in touch.

Listen to FavourEconomy Volume 1. 2015-2016 HERE

Listen to FavourEconomy Volume 2. 2016-2017 HERE

Listen to FavourEconomy Volume 3. 2017-2018 HERE

Listen to FavourEconomy Volume 4. 2018-2019 HERE

FavourEconomy is an ongoing collaborative project currently led by Stella Chen, Claire Field and Tonié Field. 

The conceptual framework for the FavourEconomy project was initially developed in 2015 by Claire Field, Alexandra Pedley and Bronwyn Treacy.